• An Easy-to-Apply Clear Sealer That Stays Clean.

    Place SealBack into a hand or backpack sprayer and apply a light, even coat, backrolling with a dry 1/4" nap roller.  Two light coats of SealBack on your Cool Pool Deck Surface will provide years of protection against UV, dirt, grime, and tanning oils.
    • Water-based
    • Environmentally-friendly
    Shown and sold in 1/2 gallon size. Coverage:  200 square feet.
  • The Best Pool Deck Coating on the Planet.

    Cool is an easy-to-apply, long-lasting pool deck coating that can be applied by the homeowner or a hired contractor.  In fact, most Cool pool deck projects can be completed over the course of an ordinary weekend! Here are a few Cool highlights. Cool:
    • Creates a cool walking surface.  If your pool deck gets hot, it won't anymore. Cool reduces heat buildup by up to 38%.
    • Can be tinted to any color by adding one gallon of acrylic paint to the kit (paint not provided).
    • Repairs small (up to 1/8") cracks in existing concrete slabs and pool deck surfaces.
    • Creates a safe, ADA-compliant, slip-resistant walking surface for you and your family.
    • Can be applied with ordinary paint equipment.
    • Is water-based, environmentally-friendly, easy to work with, and safe to be around.
  • The Easiest Way to Clean Concrete.

    Apply TripleCrown to your pool deck and rinse after two hours.  It's that easy. TripleCrown will lift years of dirt, oil, and grime from the surface where it can be easily rinsed with a hose sprayer or light pressure washing.  One application will leave the surface clean and properly prepared for the application of the Cool Pool Deck Coating. Things to know:
    • TripleCrown can be used to remove rust stains from concrete.
    • TripleCrown removes red clay stains from concrete.
    • TripleCrown does produce a mild acid - can cause red skin irritation - wear shoes and proper clothing when applying.
    • TripleCrown can damage grass and plants.  Prewet area vegetation prior to application.
    Coverage:  200-230 square feet.
  • Sale!

    Cool Bundle

    $299.00 Taxes
    Everything you need for 200 square feet - in a simple bundle! Have 600 square feet? Buy three bundles! The only thing you need is a gallon of acrylic paint* (to tint the kit) in your color choice for each Bundle that you purchase. This bundle includes: - one gallon of TripleCrown to clean; - one Cool Kit; and, - one half/gallon of SealBack clear sealer.

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