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COOL™ Pool Deck Testimonials

Our facility recently had Cool applied to the pool decks. The product was straighforward, easy to apply. We were able to reopen the decks to the residents 24 hours later, which was a big factor in our decision of what product to use. Another big factor was the 10 year warranty. We love it.

Dianne R.

The result looks great. Lots of compliments from folks who had seen the deck prior to applying Cool. Highly recommend.

Robert T.

Cool was a great choice for our POA. It was easy for us to apply it and it turned out great. Didn’t break the bank. The company was super easy to work with and was responsive to the homeowner’s inquiries. We’ve had only great comments from the residents about the pool.

Richard B.

Outstanding product! Very satisfied with the result. We researched all of our options and this was by far the best value.

Benji P.

We were struggling with how to repair our old kooldeck surface and were happy to find this option. The work was done on time and completely to our satisfaction. We love the result. Very happy. Thanks for producing such a great product!

Rebecca F.

As a contractor, Cool has become our “go-to” product for new and existing pool decks. Our customers love this product. It’s fast, so we’re off the job quicker – everyone’s happy with that. It looks great and our customers love the feel. This product has the perfect texture. Not too rough, but not too slick. The best feature is the cooling feature. It’s absolutely amazing.

Tab M.

My deck looks great, and it really does keep the deck cooler. It also seems to be very durable as I accidentally dragged patio furniture across it, and it showed no marks or damage. I recommend your product, but I am really impressed with your customer service.


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