SealBack Clear Sealer

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An Easy-to-Apply Clear Sealer That Stays Clean.

Place SealBack into a hand or backpack sprayer and apply a light, even coat, backrolling with a dry 1/4″ nap roller.  Two light coats of SealBack on your Cool Pool Deck Surface will provide years of protection against UV, dirt, grime, and tanning oils.

  • Water-based
  • Environmentally-friendly

Shown and sold in 1/2 gallon size.

Coverage:  200 square feet.



A Clear Sealer that Stays Clean for Years.

You have enough outdoor space to maintain, so anything that stays clean longer helps save time.

Airborne dirt from lawn mowers and blowers settle on deck surfaces and usually need to be pressure washed.  However, SealBack is fortified with nanoparticles that create a self-cleaning surface.  SealBack’s unique chemistry reduces the need for pressure washing because airborne dirt washes away with each rainfall, leaving your deck clean again.



SealBack provides unmatched protection against sun and rain damage.


Easy to Apply

Sealback’s water-based chemistry is designed to penetrate into porous substrates and provide years of protection against the sun and rain.  SealBack will dry within minutes allowing a second coat (if desired) to be applied.  On softwoods, such as Southern Yellow Pine, thin coats of SealBack should be applied until water repellency is active on the surface (test for this by pouring a small amount of water in random areas after the SealBack has had 30 minutes to dry).


  • Treated lumber decking
  • Pavers
  • Masonry surfaces (horizontal or vertical)
  • Concrete (non-vehicular)
  • Spanish tile roofing
  • Fiberglass and wood doors
  • Wood and synthetic siding

SealBack™ provides 100% protection for all outdoor wood surfaces.



Let SealBack™ enhance and protect the beautiful wood elements on your home.


Pool with SealBack

SealBack is the recommended sealer for Cool, Encore’s patent-pending pool deck coating.


Easy SealBack application

SealBack is easily applied with a sprayer and back-rolled. Dries clear in minutes.



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