Cool Pool Deck Coating

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The Best Pool Deck Coating on the Planet.

Cool is an easy-to-apply, long-lasting pool deck coating that can be applied by the homeowner or a hired contractor.  In fact, most Cool pool deck projects can be completed over the course of an ordinary weekend!

Here are a few Cool highlights. Cool:

  • Creates a cool walking surface.  If your pool deck gets hot, it won’t anymore. Cool reduces heat buildup by up to 38%.
  • Can be tinted to any color by adding one gallon of acrylic paint to the kit (paint not provided).
  • Repairs small (up to 1/8″) cracks in existing concrete slabs and pool deck surfaces.
  • Creates a safe, ADA-compliant, slip-resistant walking surface for you and your family.
  • Can be applied with ordinary paint equipment.
  • Is water-based, environmentally-friendly, easy to work with, and safe to be around.




Thousands of pool owners agree: Cool is today’s way to cool pool deck surfaces. Cool resurfaces existing deck toppings like Kool-Deck* as well as bare concrete.

Cool is a one-of-a-kind pool deck coating from Encore that repairs and resurfaces your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%.  When applied over Kool-Deck-type surfaces, Cool keeps them cool.

Cool is also easy to apply.  Cool is applied with an ordinary paint roller and dries in minutes

Coverage: 400 sq. ft. – 1 coat. Coats required: 2

 Orders received by 12 PM usually ship same day!

Other Features

  • Slip-Resistant!
  • Durable!
  • Easy to Apply!
  • Most sanitary pool deck coating on the market!
  • Cost-effective, affordable!
  • Guaranteed for as long as you own your home!  10-year commercial warranty

cool pool decks

Available colors: Tint the Cool Kit to ANY color imaginable by adding one gallon of mid-priced acrylic paint to the kit.  Don’t buy the most expensive paint and don’t buy the cheapest – just a mid-grade in a satin or semi-gloss sheen!  Do not use a paint-&-primer-in-one product.  The color match is perfect and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome!  We guarantee it!

YES! Cool can be applied over existing KoolDeck Surfaces!

*Kool-Deck is a trademark of the Mortex Company.

The largest pool deck in America was also resurfaced with Cool!

Cool was chosen for use on a 16,000 square foot pool deck at US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq –  because it’s hot there.

A Pool Deck Coating That is Easy to Maintain.

Cool has a built-in texture that creates a comfortable, slip-resistant finish (it’s also ADA-compliant for non-slip).  This durable coating can be easily washed and maintained because unlike other pool deck textures, Cool does not have crevices where dirt and tanning oils accumulate.  Cool achieves the perfect balance between comfort, safety and maintenance.

A Pool Deck Coating that Stays Cool – Even on Hot Days!

Cool is proven to reduce heat buildup on concrete by as much as 38%, creating a comfortable environment for your family and guests.  Each year, we receive accolades from customers who have searched years for this solution.  So, if your walk from your chair looks more like a sprint, you need this product!

A Long-Lasting Pool Deck Coating.

The ability of Cool to develop a strong bond with the substrate is what makes it last.  Cool™ will also repair concrete, filling in cracks up to 1/8″ and sealing them permanently. When it’s time, Cool™ can withstand a rigorous pressure washing long after other coatings would have begun to peel or chip when subjected to the same conditions.

The Most Affordable, Cost-Effective Pool Deck Coating.

Other products that claim to be a pool deck coating may only last 5-7 years, making them the most expensive option and the one that’s the most difficult to maintain.  Properly applied, your Cool deck can last 15-20 years.   In fact, we warranty Cool for as long as you own your home.  How’s that for affordability?  Over time, Cool is the least expensive, lowest maintenance option available to homeowners!

The Best Way to Recoat an Existing Pool Deck Surface.

If you already have a coating on your pool deck (Kooldeck, Sundeck, etc.), you may not have to grind it down.  If the coating is still tightly adhered to the concrete, you can clean it with TripleCrown and apply Cool over it.  Cool will impart a slip-resistant finish while also cooling the surface.  The ability to apply Cool over an existing pool deck surface saves thousands in replacement cost!

The Best Overall Pool Deck Coating.

Coating that keeps concrete cool

Atlanta, GA

Add it all up and Cool is the best overall choice when it comes to solving the issue of hot concrete. Since color comes from the paint you add to the kit, your decorative options are endless!

Cool can be rolled on with ordinary paint equipment or, if desired, can be sprayed and trowled to produce an architectural finish. In any case, Cool dries to produce a hard, durable coating that will provide decades of service.

When you choose Cool, your decision is backed by a Lifetime Warranty – the best in the business. Where other pool deck coatings offer limited features and benefits, Cool provides every feature and benefit on your list. Since applying Cool is no more than a 1.5 day process in most cases, why not act now?

* Kool Deck is a trademark of the Mortex Company.

** Do not use paint that contains a primer.

Cool textured pool surface

This is an example of Cool when is applied over an existing Kool Deck.

Cool Give You Complete Flexibility/Customization.

Your color options with Cool are endless because you tint Cool to any color by adding one gallon of acrylic paint** to the Cool kit. The color match is perfect and the look is always spot-on!

Cool also completes minor repairs to your deck, filling in small cracks (1/8″ or less) and helps prevent further deterioration of the surface.

Cool is a two-coat application.  Most pool decks can be completed in one day. Apply one to two coats of clear acrylic sealer to protect and increase ease of cleaning.

Cool is the only product of its type on the market and is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. Commercial projects are warranted for ten years!

Creating a Cool Pool Deck Surface is Easier Than You Think.

Simply mix one gallon of acrylic paint** (your color choice) to the kit and apply Cool™ with an ordinary 3/8″, 1/2″ or 3/4″ nap paint roller to a clean, prepared surface.  Cool dries within 30 minutes.  Apply a second coat.  Then a clear sealer.

 Coverage:  400 square feet (1 coat).  Coats required – 2.  Completed coverage per kit is approximately 200 sq.ft..  For example, if you have 1,000 square feet of deck to coat, you would order 5 kits.

Cool’s revolutionary technology leaves behind a comfortable, yet skid-resistant walking surface that’s ADA-compliant – even when it’s wet!  Got a commercial project?  Download the test results for your file.

There’s a reason why Cool™ has become the coating of choice for water parks, hotels, condominiums, apartments, and countless backyard pools. Start enjoying the benefits of this remarkable coating today!


pool deck paint that doesn't get hot

Companies, schools, hotels, and hundreds of other organizations love the idea of a custom colored pool deck.  What would you do with an infinite color palette?

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