TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner

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The Easiest Way to Clean Concrete.

Apply TripleCrown to your pool deck and rinse after two hours.  It’s that easy.

TripleCrown will lift years of dirt, oil, and grime from the surface where it can be easily rinsed with a hose sprayer or light pressure washing.  One application will leave the surface clean and properly prepared for the application of the Cool Pool Deck Coating.

Things to know:

  • TripleCrown can be used to remove rust stains from concrete.
  • TripleCrown removes red clay stains from concrete.
  • TripleCrown does produce a mild acid – can cause red skin irritation – wear shoes and proper clothing when applying.
  • TripleCrown can damage grass and plants.  Prewet area vegetation prior to application.

Coverage:  200-230 square feet.



The Best Concrete Cleaner Available.

Whether you’re just wanting to clean a driveway or preparing to apply a concrete coating, there’s never been an easier way to get the job done.  Simply spray TripleCrown onto the concrete surface and wash thoroughly after two hours.  TripleCrown will remove decades of oil, grease, dirt, and grime, leaving a clean, fresh surface.

Professionals know that allowing efflorescence to build between their coating and the concrete surface is a problem.  But until now, it’s always been a chance that they take.  That risk ends with TripleCrown.  TripleCrown removes the free lime and salts that cause efflorescence, greatly reducing the risk of failure.

Use TripleCrown prior to applying your Cool Pool Deck coating and insure its success!  You can also use TripleCrown to remove red clay and rust stains from concrete and pavers!


 WARNING:  This product will etch glass and aluminum and will remove the glaze from tile.  Use accordingly.

Other uses:

TripleCrown can be used to clean masonry buildings, stone walls and fences.

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